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The Keck Group is one of the few church pew refinishing companies who do not take pews completely apart for restoration.

The size of our refinishing facility and our transport trailers eliminates the need to knock down pews, and thus avert all of the problems associated with that program.

Although we complete repairs, including tightening joints, removing amateur repair hardware etc., we do not have to worry about the problems associated with trying to get all of the pieces back where they came from, the rejoining which often becomes nearly impossible due to expansion of the un-joined parts, or all of the extra labor required to do this work.

Our trailers are specially designed to carry pews.  Air ride suspensions assure a smooth ride for worship furniture, while tiering and decking separates the pews during travel so they don’t ride on each other.  We also triple each pew to further ensure a damage-free ride.

Our fifteen specially designed trailers allow us to unload and reload as soon as pews pass through the refinishing facility.

We Know How to Move Church Pews the Right Way

keck group pew refinishing team truck at cornell university sage chapel

What separates the Keck Group from other church pew removal companies? We approach moving church pews differently. Other companies may take apart the entire pew, but we don’t operate this way. There are so many benefits as to why we do not separate church pews while transporting them back to our facility.

Refinishing pieces of the pew separately can lead to problems. Pews may lose their aesthetic or structural integrity. It can also be especially risky to pursue church pew disassembly with older pews that may not fit back together right when they are reassembled. Other possible problems from taking apart church pews include:

  • Losing or misplacing original parts to the pews
  • Reassembled pews may be less sturdy
  • Pews become jumbled and damaged when they are transported together

You chose the layout of your church or worship space to achieve the look and atmosphere you desired to lead services and prayers. The placement of the pews is critical to that goal. When pews get disassembled and returned slightly different than they were, they may no longer fit the seating plan you have used successfully. You will have to make many small adjustments to your layout to get everything to fit back together again.

Taking apart church pews wastes time and energy most small church staff do not have. We want you to focus your efforts on the most important part of your work. We can remove church pews properly without taking them apart to eliminate this problem and allow you to focus on other things.

Why Choose The Keck Group for Church Pew Removal and Restoration?

Our Lady of Grace Church altar with rows of refinished wooden pews

At The Keck Group, we conduct church furniture removal with care. We transport each pew in our specialty trailers, outfitted for the specific purpose of transporting whole church pews. We tier and deck the pews so they do not sit on top of each other and will not damage one another during the ride. If you need assistance with removing your church pews, we can help.

Our experience with approaching church pew removal strategically allows us to provide all the services you need for your church pews, including repairs, refinishing, installation of accessories and more. We value the quality of your church, and we prioritize your needs as we work. We want the end product to look like you had envisioned it. All the work takes place at our facility, so we can get it done right and return the pews to you quickly.

We have moved many church pews and understand the right way to transport them, too. Our proven methods keep your pews safe and in one piece. We won’t do things such as sliding the pews from end to end, which can result in cracks or loose church pew ends. Your church pews play an important role in your worship, and we respect their place in your service. When you use Keck Group, you get people who care about your end product and who will work hard to do everything the right way.

Discover the Keck Difference

Since 1972, we have helped many churches just like yours bring new life to their worn-out pews. Put our more than 45 years of experience refinishing, transporting, and installing church pews to work for you. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation.

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