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At The Keck Group, we put care and excellent workmanship into everything we do. 

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If you're a religious, commercial, academic or architectural organization in need of pew or furniture repair or refurbishment, we're here to meet your needs!

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Refinishing Services

We are a top-notch church interior refinishing contractor backed by decades of experience in delivering excellent products at a fair price. Our refinishing process ensures that your pews return to you in mint condition.

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Restoration Services

We offer church interior restoration services for pews and other church furniture. In restoration projects, we focus on restoring a piece to its original condition. At The Keck Group, our pew and church furniture restoration services are second to none in the region.

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Pew Repair Services

We offer church interior repair services ranging from fixing chips and scratches to rebuilding damaged pews, kneelers and more. Our experienced team of craftsmen stand by their work and ensure quality results with every project they touch.

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University Chapels

At The Keck Group, we know how important faith and spirituality are at Colleges and Universities. Encourage more students to attend your on-campus services by making your pews and chapel furniture look brand new.

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