University Furniture Refinishing, Restoration, and Repair

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Our Speciality Services

At The Keck Group, we understand that your college or university’s furniture may have unique needs. That’s why we offer refinishing services as well as repair and restoration work. Our four specialties include:

  • Repair: This is the first step in the refinishing process if your furniture has any damage. We can repair issues to aid in appearance and safety as well as meet compliance codes.
  • Refinishing: Instead of performing a light or surface refinishing, we perform a complete professional refinish where we remove the old finish and replace it with a new one. We use lacquers that both protect and bring out the original beauty of your wood. 
  • Restoration: The restoration process is usually the most involved. Sometimes college or university furniture may need to be modified to make it more comfortable or accessible, especially if the furniture is several years old. Following the restoration, we perform a complete refinishing process.

Our University Chapel Furniture Restoration Services

Every day, thousands of college students spend many hours behind the furniture at your university. With this much daily usage, furniture can often look as though it needs to be replaced. However, desks and other university furniture can often be refinished and restored instead.

At The Keck Group, we have helped restore countless education furniture pieces with more durable finishes than their originals. Our refinishing projects include large refinishing desks at Harvard, Chapel pews at Colgate, Mt. Saint Vincent College in Manhattan, Fairfield University in Hartford, CT, and Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. One exciting project we recently completed was the refinishing of pews in the Sage Chapel at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

We have seen firsthand the aesthetic and monetary benefits of refinishing instead of replacing. Choosing to have your desk or chapel furniture refinished by The Keck Group will allow you to work directly with experienced craftsmen who are dedicated to saving you money and leaving your pieces better than before. We proudly service the greater Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions to keep your university furniture looking brand new.

Types of College Furniture We Refinish and Repair

Whether you have a private school, college or university, your building is filled with hundreds of furniture pieces. The Keck Group is pleased to offer repair, refinishing, and restoring services to your facility regardless of the type of area or furniture. Some examples include:

  • Student desks
  • Teacher/professor desks
  • Administrative office furniture
  • Chapel pews and college church furniture
  • Library furniture 
  • Dorm furniture 

Contact Our Team Today

At The Keck Group, we will work directly with you on your large-scale project to refinish any type of university furniture you need. We understand that pre-qualifications for college furniture are often in place. That’s why we cut out the middleman and work one-on-one with you to better understand your specific needs for the project.

We understand that classes and lectures cannot be put on hold for extended periods of time due to furniture refinishing. The Keck Group team is pleased to offer short turnaround times and a streamlined transportation process so your school can get back to business as usual.

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