Government Furniture Refinishing, Restoration and Repair

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Over time, government and legal furniture can become worn and undergo chips or surface damage from daily usage. While your first instinct may be to replace old furniture with brand new pieces, consider the benefits of repairing, refinishing and restoring the furniture in your courthouse.

Benefits of Refinishing Government Furniture

The process of purchasing new government or legal furnishings is often time-consuming and expensive. There can be hundreds of pieces of furniture inside a city hall, courthouse, fire station or other building.

By refinishing instead of replacing furniture pieces, you can experience benefits like the following: 

  • Save money: It is cheaper to restore, reuse and recycle current furniture rather than buying all new pieces.
  • Reuse high-quality materials: Some furniture pieces may be custom or made of solid, high-quality woods and materials. Refinishing allows you to re-use those materials rather than having to find cheaper alternatives.
  • Preserve value: Your pieces may be high-quality and expensive. By refinishing them, you can preserve the value of your investment for years to come. In addition, depending on the location, some buildings may have antique pieces that have historical value worth preserving. 
  • Help the environment: Refinishing produces less waste and results in less of a carbon footprint than discarding old furniture into a landfill.

What Types of Furniture Can Be Refinished?

If your government or legal building has hundreds of furniture pieces, The Keck Group will work with you to repair, refinish and restore each one. The result is an updated, professional office space with high-quality furniture. Some of the types of furniture you may consider refinishing include:

  • Attorney chairs
  • Bookcases
  • Desks
  • Government desks
  • Jury box chairs
  • Shelving

Our History of Refinishing Government and Legal Furniture

The Keck Group opened our first furniture refinishing shop back in 1972. Just a few years later, we were commissioned for a variety of government projects ranging from eight courtrooms at the Federal Courthouse in Foley Square Manhattan to the New Jersey and Connecticut State Capitols. On all projects, The Keck Group takes great pride in working directly with the client instead of using a middleman to deliver quality refinishing services

With our Federal Government Approved Vendor status, you can feel confident in your decision to choose us for refinishing your furniture. We have met the requirements and have undergone the rigorous steps and inspections to obtain this status.

Ready to Refinish? Contact The Keck Group Today

Are you ready to update your government building furniture? Take a look at our service areas to get a free quote. At The Keck Group, you can experience quality craftsmanship while staying well within your budget. In addition, we offer short turnaround times so your government or legal office can get back to business as usual as soon as possible.

If you are ready to repair, refinish or restore your current government or legal furniture, get in touch with the team at The Keck Group for a prompt budget estimate. We look forward to the opportunity to revitalize your space with our professional services.

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