Our Church Pew Refinishing Facility

The Keck Group's facility is a one-of-a-kind church pew refinishing, refurbishing and construction center with incredibly versatile capabilities. Our facility features a self-engineered 24-foot flow over finish removal trays and 1400 square-foot stain and prep area with controlled ventilation. We also have a 200 square-foot spray booth to allow for the finishing of ten pews at a time with the airless spray method, and a modern carpentry shop where we manufacture hymnal racks, supports and miscellaneous pew parts.

The Keck Group refinishing facility

Because of the capacity of our refinishing plant, there is no need to knock pews down to pieces. All repairs are made prior to finish removal, so the problems associated with refinishing each piece of a pew separately are eliminated.

The Keck Group facility is located in Middletown, NY, five miles from the interchange of Rt. 84 and 17M. Our modern block building is equipped with an alarm and sprinkler system for your possessions' security and safety.

The Keck Group carries a $500,000 Bailee Coverage for your possessions while in our care, custody and control.

Keck Group interior building picture

Off-Site Pew Construction Services

At The Keck Group, we've worked on off-site projects for many churches, cathedrals, courthouses, libraries and college campuses. Our off-site services include:

+ Pew refurbishment

+ Pew refinishing & restoration

+ Accessory installation

+ Pew repairs

+ Church furniture repairs

+ Church furniture restoration

Over the past 40 years, our facility has been restoring and renovating pews and returning them to even better condition than their original construction. We take pride in our work and treat every construction project with the utmost care and skill. Our team's work ethic and technical expertise have clients coming back for many years.

Keck Group church pew refinishing transportation equipment

Pew Restoration and Construction Services

At our state-of-the-art facility, we provide a wide range of church pew construction services. We work directly with our clients to make sure you get exactly what you expect. We've been exceeding clients' expectations since 1972 with our variety of construction options, including church pew refurbishment, high-quality refinishing and restoration, accessory installation, repairs and more.

How Our Church Pew Repair and Refinishing Facility Benefits You

A unique benefit of our church pew and furniture construction facility is that pews can be transported from your location in one piece. We believe that pews should remain intact throughout the refurbishment or restoration process to keep their structural and aesthetic integrity. When taken apart, it is virtually impossible to put pews back together exactly as they were. At The Keck Group, we put the quality of your church furniture first.

To make sure that your pews and other church furniture are transported safely to and from our facility, we have Keck-owned specialty 48-foot and 53-foot trailers, tiered and decked so pews do not ride on each other. All our trucks are equipped with air-ride suspension, ensuring damage-free shipping.

The Keck Group Team

The Keck Group's Experienced Team

Our team of refinishing professionals includes:

+ Robert Koeck Sr., CEO and President

+ Terry Yungman, GM VP, 32 years with the company

+ Robert Koeck Jr., Treasurer, 34 years with the company