Pew Refinishing Samples

Thinking of refinishing your pews but not sure how to pay for it?

The Keck Group is offering the opportunity to see what your refinished pews would look like without the cost!

How it Works

  • Contact The Keck Group! When you fill out our request form below, our team will contact you to learn more about your pews!
  • We will refinish a small pew (under 5 feet) free of charge! *Shipping/pick-up & delivery not included.

Check out one of our sample pews before & after!

get pew refinishing samples before
wooden pew after refinishing

Cash flow the upgrade by dedicating pews to families as a keepsake forever

Past samples have helped our partners tremendously with fundraising. You will be surprised how popular this concept is, and it works! Fill out our form below to get started!

gold donor plate mounted near capping by pew end
donor plate in memory of father

Pew Refinishing Sample Request

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