Church Furniture Accessories

Do you need church furniture wooden accessories for your church? Adding these small pieces of furniture to your building can increase the organization of your materials for worshippers and improve the look of their surroundings. When you invest in custom manufactured church furnishings, you get pieces that match your space and become a functional part of your everyday routine. Many of our customers wonder how they ever survived without these things.

The Keck Group can meet all your church accessory needs with our high-quality, made-to-order wood furnitureOur woodworking shop, under the direction of Melvin Ramos, manufactures hymnal racks, card holders, pew joiners, supports and a variety of custom matched accessories that we finish to match refinished or existing pews or furniture.

Each piece you add to your church will look natural, as though it has been there forever. You will see the Keck difference in the quality of every accessory we create. Consider how these additions can benefit your church:

Hymnal Racks

Hymnal racks affix to the back of your existing pews. They allow worshippers to store their hymnals neatly after the service and access them anytime they need them during the service. Adding hymnal racks to your pews can cut down on the wear and tear on your hymnals, allowing you to go longer before replacing them and saving you money. You also lose fewer hymnals when you keep them better organized.

We can match the wood and stain on your existing pews with our hymnal racks. They will look as though they came with the original pews.

Card Holders

Churches have so many flyers and cards for worshippers to look through before and after the service, detailing service opportunities, children's programs, special events and more. Instead of stacking them on a table, where they can get jostled or knocked to the floor, display them neatly in a card holder.

We can build card holders to your specifications, with small and large options available. We can match the wood and stain of your existing furniture in the room, too, whether you plan to put them in the back of the nave or your entryway.

Pew Joiners

Pew joiners allow you to connect your pews and extend their reach. We can create pew joiners that look like they came with the original pews.

Pew Supports

Do your pews need an extra assist? Adding pew supports can give older pews new life and provide the support your worshippers need for a more comfortable experience. Our pew supports are designed to blend with the existing design of your pew. They look like the original style, so no one would guess they were added later.

Custom Manufactured Accessories

Custom Manufactured Accessories

We also do veneer repair, missing pew part replication, Dutchman, complete new seats and backs when required. Talk to us about your church pew accessory needs and how we can help.

Millwork Shop

Keck group Millwork Shop

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The Keck Group has assisted churches like yours with their church pew and upholstery accessories for more than four decades. We produce the highest quality church accessories and more, and we work with you every step of the way to ensure you are thrilled with the end product.

Adding new accessories to your church will make the space more functional and enhance the experience of your worshippers. Contact us today to set up an initial consultation.

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