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Pews With Sanitizing Damage - We're Here to Help! Refinishing Demand is Increasing Fast.

Pews with a damaged finish before and after refinishing. The new finish will last 30 to 50 years, impervious to sanitizing materials.

church pews wrong sanitation
What happens when you sanitize a pew with the wrong materials
refinished wooden pews repaired for St. Rose church

Many churches who have not had their pews refinished with modern refinishing materials have suffered severe finish damage due to Covid-19 sanitization practices.

The Keck Group realizes that most churches with older wooden pews will need to be refinished as a result. Therefore, we are beginning to schedule the refinishing work at this time!

In order for us to help refinish pews for the large number of churches requiring it, we are now scheduling refinishing work to be completed within the next two years.

Our finishes are impervious to most sanitizing practices and many churches have started their refinishing work already!


The Keck Difference

From the smallest country churches to the largest cathedrals and everything inbetween, you can count on The Keck Group to deliver top quality pew refinishing & restoration services with care. 

At The Keck Group, our customers are our top priority. For over 45 years, we've kept this promise and will continue to do so for years to come. Are you ready to update your church sanctuary? Take a look at our service areas and get a free quote today.

Now is a Great Time to Refinish Pews

Your services will not be interrupted!

The Keck Group team will continue to follow safe protocol relevant to Covid-19.

Part of this process involves refinishing your pews in two halves – we’ll refinish every other pew so the remaining pews can be used for seating. Once the first half is completed and back in your church, we’ll then begin work on the second half.

Restoring St. Patrick's Cathedral

For one of America’s most prestigious church facilities, 2013 had seen the kickoff of the biggest full-scale restoration in its history. And for The Keck Group, the project has presented the most high-profile opportunity in its history to show what it can do. Learn more about our restoration work with St. Patrick's Cathedral.

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At The Keck Group, we don't just service pews. We service relationships.

East Coast Pew Construction Services

We offer pew construction services ranging from refinishing and restoration to renovation. Our team of dedicated craftsmen with years of proven experience will leave your pews in better condition than when you first purchased them.


We specialize in refinishing pews off-site. From improving the structural integrity of old pews to refinishing pews with worn down woodwork.


We do church pew restoration off-site in our facility. We have the tools and equipment to get your pews looking brand new again.


When your pews get damaged or worn down, you do not need to get rid of them. We do pew repairs in our facility and also have a field repair team.

For Universities

Daily use of university furniture can leave desks and chapel furniture looking worn down. Our refinishing and restoration services leave your pieces looking better than before.

Our Quality Products

We offer more than just pew construction services. Browse through our collection of pew cushions, kneelers and accessories. Our products are both high-quality and reasonably priced so you can get the best deals for your pews:

The Keck Group Team

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