Refinishing Demand is Increasing

Many churches who have not had their pews refinished with modern refinishing materials have suffered severe finish damage due to Covid-19 sanitization practices.

The Keck Group realizes that most churches with older wooden pews will need to be refinished as a result. Therefore, we are beginning to schedule the refinishing work at this time!

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In order for us to help refinish pews for the large number of churches requiring it, we are now scheduling refinishing work to be completed within the next two years.

Our finishes are impervious to most sanitizing practices and many churches have started their refinishing work already!

Benefits of Refinishing Now vs. The Future

Your services will not be interrupted!

The Keck Group team will continue to follow safe protocol relevant to Covid-19.

Part of this process involves refinishing your pews in two halves – we’ll refinish every other pew so the remaining pews can be used for seating. Once the first half is completed and back in your church, we’ll then begin work on the second half.

Pews With a Damaged Finish

benefits of refinishing your church pews  now

This pew has been sanitized for 9 months and needed a new finish. Our team removed the existing finish and replaced it with a new finish that is impervious to sanitizing materials. Their new finish (see pictures below!) will last 30 to 50 years!

Recently Refinished Pews for St. Rose Church in Newark, NJ

Get Started

To get your refinishing project started, our team can refinish a small pew free of charge! Call us anytime at 888-253-5325 to talk with an expert!

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Page updated on December 29, 2021