Sage Chapel at Cornell University Pew Refinishing

We are excited to be refinishing the pews at Sage Chapel, which is the non-denominational chapel on the campus of Cornell University in Ithaca NY.

Originally contracted to start in January 2020, the project was put on hold because of the many events that take place there monthly.

Cornell University Pew Refinishing

Then the pandemic hit, and religious institutions (and Educational Facilities) were closed and remain closed.  At the same time, we returned to work as an essential business as we had many pews in the shop in various stages of refinishing that would be needed when the re-openings began.  

Working With Sage Chapel

We approached Sage with the idea that this was a perfect time to refinish the pews, as the chapel will be closed for at least the eight weeks needed to complete the work.  Bingo, they, as others have followed, jumped on board realizing that this is a perfect time.

We picked up the pews in late June 2020.  The pictures show our trucks arriving on campus for the big day.  Now comes the heavy lifting, as we have three or four other churches who have also opted to start during the shut down.

Pew refinishing sage chapel Cornell

In two of the churches, where the pews are refinished in sections, we removed every other row, and will switch with every other row when they go back.  This relieves the church of the responsibility for enforcing the six- foot rule.

completed project of refinishing pews at sage chapel
The Finished Pews!

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