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Do you need church pew repair services?  We realize that, over time, pews and kneelers need tender loving care to keep them in serviceable condition. The Keck Group can assist you with your church pew upholstery needs and more. Since 1972, we have helped churches across the country keep their pews up-to-date and in working order. We can update your pews to meet compliance codes, fix broken upholstery and address a host of other issues. 

Church Pew Kneeler, Upholstery Repair Services and More

refinished wooden pews repaired for St. Rose church

Aside from repairs made during restoration at the shop, we also offer field repairs by our repair team who are on the road five days a week, and for weekend emergencies.

Our service van carries all necessary items to repair any possible problem, quickly and economically. Depending on your location within our service area, we can provide an estimate over the phone for a range of issues. See how the Keck difference will improve the quality and longevity of your church pews.   

Pew Anchoring Problems

Pews must be anchored to the floor to avoid moving around the worship area. Often, pew ends loosen from the floor when the anchors become unstable. If you have older pews, you may have an L-shaped bracket or a hidden system. We can repair and strengthen both systems when they no longer provide the stability you need to keep your rows in order. 

Broken Seats

Your worshippers require comfort to concentrate and listen to your message. A broken seat can distract them from what’s happening during the service or, worse, lead to injury. We can fix broken seats while preserving the integrity of the remainder of the pew. 

Loose Joinery

Pews feature joinery that keeps them together and contributes to their sturdiness. When this tenon jointing becomes loose, pews can wobble or become detached from each other. We can repair the loose joinery, so it maintains a tighter hold. 

Finish Damage

Finish damage to your pews doesn’t just look sloppy, impacting people’s perception of your worship area. It can also lead to further damages to the pew. If you don’t invest in church pew repairs to fix the finish damage, it may eventually weaken the structure of the pew or spread to cover more of the pew, forcing you to replace rather than repair the damage. That will be more expensive than addressing the problem when it begins. 

Kneeler Malfunction, Replacement or New Parts

Kneeling plays a key role in many church services. Providing kneelers protects your worshippers’ joints so they can take part in the service comfortably. The frequent pulling out and pushing back of the kneelers can lead to damages or malfunction, which will get worse if you don’t provide any church pew kneeler repairs. Replacements and new church pew repair parts can make your kneelers function as good as new

Pew Condition Survey

Are you unsure what repairs your pews might need? Our survey service offers an in-depth assessment of the condition of your pews. Preventive maintenance and care can lead to greater longevity for your pews, which get used day in and day out. We can determine whether loose joinery or anchoring problems may lead to long-term issues. Get your pews surveyed and opt for church furniture repair services before they become unusable. 

Insurance Estimates

Insurance building coverage includes everything in the church that contributes to its value. This may include pews, so your insurance may cover it. We can work with you on insurance estimates to ensure you get the services you need. 

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the keck group truck at sage chapel at Cornell university

For more than 45 years, Keck Group has provided churches with the high-quality pew upholstery repair services and more. Please contact our service department with questions at 888-253-KECK or request a budget quote today to get started!

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