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The Keck Group's Church Pew Refinishing Since 1972

Dear Bob, As the Church's owner representative on our major renovation project and on behalf of the church, I want to thank you for your outstanding performance on the pew renovation. The pews look amazing and have drawn rave reviews from the congregation. Your advice as we considered finish and other options put us on the right path. The refinishing and reuphostering was done efficiently and professionally. You really went above and beyond expectations when you responded to the scheudule pinch that we created by our late fabric selection. As you recall, having all three sections done by the end of August and having the center section done for a wedding in mid-August was critical to us. The innovative phasing that you suggested and then the implemented worked perfectly and made it possible for us to meet all of our deadlines. As one who's been involved in a lot of projects over the years, it was a pleasure to deal with people who take a problem not of their making and solve it instead of using it as an excuse. Thanks for working with us on this important project. Sincerely yours, William K. Wakefield Nassau Project Manager

William K. Wakefield

Door Refinishing

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In many instances church doors were exquisitely fashioned to provide a grand entryway for parishoners into their house worship.
However, over the years, extreme temperature fluctuations, sunlight, and other weather conditions can wreak havoc on the wood, wood finish, and hardware.
In many cases, The Keck Group can restore these doors to their original natural beauty. When the doors are beyond repair, however, we also offer new solid mahogany doors or new metal doors, both available with a choice of glass design.
St. James Church recently had their front doors restored by The Keck Group. See the before and after pictures.

Before Refinishing Doors

After Refinishing Doors