Different Types of Church Pews

Pews have been standard features of almost every church for centuries, but that wasn’t always the case. Before the 14th century, churchgoers stood or moved around the building during church services. Pews became a common addition in the 15th century, allowing people to pray and carry out their worship more comfortably. Today, you can still find historical pews in many churches around the world.

At The Keck Group, Inc., we offer restoration services for several different types of church pews. 

Standard Pews

Standard pews are the most popular type of church pews. They are constructed with wood and have simple designs with straight benches and upholstered cushions. Although these pews have a standard design, church pew manufacturers can customize the ends, type of wood and fabric choice for the cushions. 

At The Keck Group, we have ample experience with standard pew restorations. They’re the most common types of pews we work on. In 2015 alone, we successfully restored 4,000 feet of standard pews for St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. 

Radial Pews

Radial pews share several similarities with standard pews, though their curved design sets them apart. The curved nature of the pew allows people to see the altar or pulpit better, especially in large congregations. 

In 2021, we took on a project with St. Elizabeth’s Church, refinishing 1,000 linear feet of radial pews. Despite a short deadline, our team stepped forward and delivered excellent results on time. 

Box Pews

Box pews have panels completely enclosing them with a small door at the end, providing churchgoers with more privacy. This type of pew was once common in churches in colder regions like New England, where the enclosure prevented drafts. Although box pews have stunning designs, they are rarely used in churches today. 

Despite the rarity of these designs, The Keck Group will never say no to a box pew restoration project. We are eager to customize project specifications to meet your unique needs. You can count on us to restore your box pews to their former glory.

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