St. Elizabeth’s Church – Wyckoff, NJ

I was called in to visit this church to offer a proposal for refinishing their one thousand linear feet of pews by the Archdiocese of Newark at the beginning of June 2021.

The pews had not been refinished since their installation in the mid 1950’s.  There were varying lengths and different configurations, including mitered pews in the front sections and straight pews in the rear.

At our meeting, the Keck Group’s team was astounded to hear the Pastor wanted the pew refinished and a new slate floor installed within a three-week period to start in three weeks!

Most of the people attending, including flooring contractors, declined to bid on the project because of the short time frame.

We offered a comprehensive proposal, indicating that we could have the front sections of pews in the main nave complete for the wedding, and the balance to follow, but within a six-week period. Our team is currently working on six other pew refinishing projects in house.

After much persuasion, Terry Yungman, our GM, acquiesced to my wishes, and we took on the challenge.  We do most of the refinishing projects for the Archdiocese of Newark, and we could not let them down on this project.

We got the pews in the church for the wedding, the floor installers had eight men on the job, 24/7, and returned the rest of the center sections yesterday, on Fr. Steve’s Birthday (little known to us).  He was so pleased with the pews and the speed in which the job has been turned around, he made this little video for the parishioners to see.

The last pews will be installed next week, and our mission will have been accomplished.

Our motto, “never say never”!  Fortunately, our shop crew understood the necessity of getting this done on time, and they once again rose to the occasion.

Before and After Photos