St. Stephen’s Church – Richmond, VA

Our old friend Terry Eason, a Chapel Hill, NC, Liturgical Designer, called upon our expertise to work hand in hand with a major new pew manufacturer to refinish the pews and furniture, manufacture and install new kneelers, and replicate pews and pew ends to round out the new floor plan for St. Stephen’s Church in Richmond, VA. The pews were picked up in January, 2015, with the completion date set for November, 2015. The production time was eight weeks, so storage was also on the menu.

Terry Eason is a staunch believer in restoring pews and furniture to a natural looking state, i.e., no high sheen, no non-historical stain coloring like limed oak or opaque finishes, with the final product not dramatically different from the original color. In this case, we had 18 replicated pew ends manufactured to remove the hole originally locate to place the heat ducts which were now removed. Additionally, the old heater boxes were removed, and the new kneelers fabricated to reach the pew ends. We took great pride in the restoration of the pulpit; missing hands and fingers were carved, and the entrance steps modified to tie into the new platform height.

A request to move the delivery from Mid-January, 2016, to December 5th, 2015 came as a surprise, but we were able to accommodate and had the pews and furnishings installed for Christmas. We have since been contacted by other area churches wishing to have their pews refinished at the direction of the well-satisfied restoration committee.

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