St. Joseph – Mishawaka, IN

Every once in awhile a church on the edge of our service area requests information regarding our pew refinishing and restoration services and are often surprised at the competitiveness of our pricing, even when requiring abnormally high transportation costs.

Keck group pew transport mishawaka

Two recent projects have proven that we can often match local pricing because of our processes and procedures learning the refinishing of pews for the last forty-eight years. Because of our transportation production and refinishing prowess, we are often low bidders, even on faraway projects.

We recently refinished the pews at St. Mary Church in Aspen CO, and St. Joseph Church in Mishawaka, IN. Both of these churches realized, after viewing our web site with dramatic pictures showing actual pew refinishing production (which you will not see on any other pew refinishing site on the web), our twenty-five thousand square foot refinishing facility with the latest equipment, along with our talented workers and with numerous unsolicited testimonials, that this is the company to do the work.

Confidence in our company shown refinishing more than twelve Cathedral pew projects, including our “The Peoples Church”, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan, and more than three thousand projects in the last 48 years adds the comfort factor required to make your refinishing/restoration project decision an easy one.

St. Joseph in Mishawaka church pews new

Project Gallery

Shown below are pictures of the recent installation last week in Mishawaka along with a few complimentary comments from the business manager.