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The Keck Group's Church Pew Refinishing Since 1972

Pew Transportation

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The Keck Group is one of the few refinishing companies who do not take pews completely apart for restoration.

The size of our refinishing facility and our transport trailers eliminates the need to knock down pews, and thus avert all of the problems associated with that program.

Although we complete repairs, including tightening joints, removing amateur repair hardware etc., we do not have to worry about the problems associated with trying to get all of the pieces back where they came from, the rejoining which often becomes nearly impossible due to expansion of the un-joined parts, or all of the extra labor required to do this work.

Our trailers are specially designed to carry pews.  Air ride suspensions assure a smooth ride, while tiering and decking separates the pews during travel so they don’t ride on each other.  We also triple each pew to further insure a damage free ride.

Our fifteen specially designed trailers allow us to unload and reload as soon as pews pass through the refinishing facility.

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