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The Keck Group's Church Pew Refinishing Since 1972

Terry and Bob: We were back in the church last Sunday, and the response to the pews was, as you would expect, everything from spectacular to stunning. Most of the folks can’t believe they’re the same pews! Thanks to you, Bob and your crew for a seamless, pain free experience. I commented to some of the parishioners last night that working with The Keck Group was a great pleasure, as the quality of work is plainly evident, and everything unfolded precisely as scheduled; as you know, not every contractor works that way!

Fr. George Hafemann

Trinity Church Update

by Bob Koeck | Oct 31, 2019
As the Christmas deadline nears for the installation of Pews and Wainscot, we have been busy finishing the new parts and beginning re-assembly.

TrinityNew Pew Parts

The mating of existing ends and backs with the new seats and supports has proved successful with the long and short pew version samples completed.  No matter how much time and effort expended on the design work and the sizing, a sigh of relief cannot be breathed until all of the parts fit as planned and the final assembly can take place.

As can be seen in the photos below, the mockup of long and short pews is complete and the finishing has begun at an accelerated pace in order to start final assembly and prep work for installation.

Trinity Short Pew sample


New Atwood Hamlin Kneelers have been ordered; special metal and leg colors and an architect chosen fabric will make these kneelers one of a kind.  These should be in just in time for the early December install.


As usual, the schedule changes daily from the construction manager as they make the final push to deadline.