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The Keck Group's Church Pew Refinishing Since 1972

Terry and Bob: We were back in the church last Sunday, and the response to the pews was, as you would expect, everything from spectacular to stunning. Most of the folks can’t believe they’re the same pews! Thanks to you, Bob and your crew for a seamless, pain free experience. I commented to some of the parishioners last night that working with The Keck Group was a great pleasure, as the quality of work is plainly evident, and everything unfolded precisely as scheduled; as you know, not every contractor works that way!

Fr. George Hafemann

Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston MA

by Alana Flinn | Oct 02, 2018

After 150 years, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross is undergoing a much needed restoration.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley and Rector Msgr. Kevin O’Leary chose Baker Liturgical Arts of Plantville CT to partake in the historical restoration, who in turn contracted The Keck Group, also known as “The Cathedral Pew Restorers”, to do the complicated refinishing work.

Removal of more than three thousand feet of pews took place in April, 2017.   The pews were built into the floor, and each and every pew had to be cut flush with the slightly raised floor level under the pews (which will be removed so that there is no elevation transition), leaving almost four inches of the pew ends in the floor.

This process will make the installation easier, as the ends will have been previously cut to size.

We are removing the existing divider wall and substituting new joiners, so parishioners can slide all the way across the pew, vs. half way.

The side aisle pews are also being shortened to make way for the new HVAC system.

Installation is planned prior to Easter, 2019.